Summer in person worship times are at 8:30am and 10:30am. No masks required. No Adult Education, but there is Worship Wiggles for children on the lawn between services, weather permitting.

Adult Education

Men’s Adult Education Class

Men of PCF, we have an Adult Education class for you this fall! You’re invited to join our class on the Disciplines of a Godly Man.

Tyler Yates and Archer Batcheller will be co-teaching this class. Being a godly man does not come naturally and at times directly opposes the way the world thinks men should be. We are meant to be men who lead from weakness and sacrifice, serving the needs of others and we finding our strength in the victory of the resurrection of Jesus. As we seek to live from the gospel of Jesus Christ we will strive for maturity through meditating on the disciplines of godliness in Kent Hughes’s book Disciplines of a Godly Man. We hope by offering this class that the men of PCF will build gospel-centered friendships with one another, grow in maturity for the purpose of serving our families and the church as Christ himself did.

If this class sounds like it might interest you please order a copy of the book here or at a bookstore of your choice before the class starts and join us either in person or online over zoom on September 20th as we resume the Adult Education hour on Sunday morning.